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Who I am?

nicolas aubineau dietitian nutritionnistDietician Nutritionist, I am lucky to have a profession that I adore with 3 orientations: sport, cardiac reeducation and respiratory reeducation.


These 3 entities have one thing in common:

An adapted diet makes it possible to reach one’s goal
whether it is playful ( sport) or vital (clinic) .


My career

Dietitian Nutritionist in cardiac rehabilitation centre

Since 2004 I have worked at the Cardiocéan cardiac rehabilitation center in La Rochelle which welcomes patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases (bypassing, stenting, replacement of valves, heart failure, arteritis …) and requiring rehabilitation adapted to their profile and their direct environment. I intervene on an individual follow-up with the objective of a rebalancing (a reorientation) food so that patients adopt a balanced diet and prophylactic. This notion is important because once they leave Cardiocéan, they will be by themselves and will have to be “autonomous”.


Sports Dietitian Nutritionist

From 2008 to February 2016, I was a Dietician Nutritionist for the Nutratlétic range (Research and Development Department) on the follow-up of top-level athletes. They are real human machines for which food plays a role as important as training to avoid injuries, have enough energy Strong with this experience plus other factors I had the idea to create my website.


Dietician Nutritionist in pneumatic rehabilitation center

Since 2010, I have been Nutritionist Dietitian at the La Croix Rouge Pneumological Rehabilitation Center in La Rochelle (Villa Richelieu), which houses patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, post-acute or post-surgical pathologies related to the pulmonary sphere (COPD , chronic respiratory insufficiency …).


Speaker, speaker at events

I also carry out interventions with sports clubs (athletics, triathlon, rugby, swimming, training centers, …), during sports events (Marathon de Paris, Festival des Templiers, amateur and professional sports clubs …) or with specific public (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic pathologies, overweight adolescents …).


Writing articles or books

I write articles for some media (Le Monde, Sud Ouest, Cosmopolitan, Ilosport, Madame Figaro …) and I have published 4 books: Running foodAthlete food, Marathon food and Trail coaching nutrition (all in French).


My training

On the same principle as my professional orientations, I have different degrees:

  • BTS Dietetics in 2003
  • University Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Professor Daniel RIVIERE) obtained in 2005
  • University Diploma in Nutrition and Disorders of Food Behavior (Professor Julien-Daniel GUELFI) obtained in 2007
  • University Diploma in Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases (Professor Fabrice BONNET) obtained in 2014
  • DESS Sports Training Engineering (Professor Georges CAZORLA) obtained in 2001
  • Degree in Structural Biochemistry obtained in 1999


Why did I create my website?

My different fields of application associated with my complementary training make me meet various publics all different and interesting. All have specific needs, specific objectives with different means to reach them and that is what makes my work so rich.


My website was created simply to give you the keys to a diet adapted to your efforts, according to the season and respectful of human values. For those who wish, I can work with them on personalized food plans directly inspired by those prepared for high-level athletes. I suggest you read some athletes testimonials that I have gathered here.


Sports Dietitian Nutritionist

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Nicolas Aubineau
6official degrees
around nutrition
(Sport, Health, Prevention)
+ 700 000visitors per year
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Who i am?

Nicolas AubineauFrench Clinic and Sports Dietitian Nutritionist, I created this site to meet the needs of athletes in sports nutrition.

You will find many free articles and home recipes. I also propose personalized diet plans for those who prepare a competition, seek a nutritional balance corresponding to their way of life and their sporting activity.

Good reading !