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Dietitian Nutritionist, I expalin the role of probiotics, where to find them (...) especially for sensitive people in the intestine.

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Sports recipe

home made sports cake

Sports cake

I propose you my sports cake recipe of the sport house with its nutritional analysis which costs less than 3 € the cake!

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Food advice

winter feeding home

Winter feeding

The winter period is specific in terms of energy benefits for athletes. Discover some examples of foods to focus on

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Preparing the race

maltodextrin home

Maltodextrin : myth or reality ?

Myth or reality Maltodextrin ("Malto") the 3 days before a race ? As a sports dietician, I can answer you in total transparency.

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bcaa sport

BCAA in endurance sports

Often associated with bodybuilding, the BCAAs have a real interest for the athlete in endurance! Here are my explanations.

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By sport

runners diet home

Runners diet

Here are some important ways to manage your diet (before, during and after) your race (marathon ...).

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Gluten free

gluten free diet home

Gluten free diet

Explanation of a specific type of diet for people who have problems with gluten. My advice is adapted to sportsmen.

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Sport nutition

glycemic index home

Glycemic index

Term known athletes, it used to classify food but here are concrete explanations and especially adapted to the sport.

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During et after the race

dried fruits

What to eat after a workout

Which foods favor after a long effort to optimize its recovery. Here are my food tips and directions.

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